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Facility Management

Facility Management

Cloud / Browser Based

Cloud / Browser Based

Data Management

Data Management

2D floor plans are great, But an extra dimension exte___nds the possibilities

Discover how companies across industries are harnessing MOICON™ web-based 3D capabilities – technology forged in gaming – to enhance how their buildings are designed, operated, maintained & serviced ⚡

World leading companies choose Moicon for organizing their data in 3D

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Powering amazing projects

Moicon utilizes Forge technology to “rethink the jobsite” by granting industrial workers and facility owners better overview and continuous insight into building & factory floor operations.

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Reduce costs and optimize performance

We are working with architects, building manager and manufacturers to transform their businesses through MOICON™ Digital Twin technology. Throught close collaboration with our clients, and before-after statistics, we're exploring how MOICON™ is being used to fuel their creativity and drive efficiency.


Increased engagement

MOICON™ is taking advantage of the high levels of engagement games have to offer, implementing this into te building workplace in the form of a Digital Twin.


Increased value

MOICON™ is enhanced with affordances for gameful experiences in order to support user’s overall value creation – resulting in an increased positive attitude and motivation.

The Challenge …

Companies across a variety of industries struggle to analyze end-to-end building and factory performance data alongside maintenance tasks and issue reporting, all of which are typically housed in multiple systems and formats.

… the Solution

Moicon's Digital Twin helps with this challenge, letting you view all your relevant information directly in 3D-representation of your buildings or factories. Compared to static experiences like images and videos, the extended spatial presence that a 3D environment replicates brings numerous benefits, including enhanced problem solving, better knowledge retention, higher levels of engagement and understanding, and much more.

It runs on your smartphone

See your 3D models on the go. Wherever you are, your digital twin is there with you.

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Autodesk Forge

MOICON™ is an Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrators – trained by Autodesk experts to provide customers with reliable support resources. Moicon is a trusted partner which have a proven track record of helping businesses build web-based Digital Twin solutions.

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.