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Moicon™ is the next-generation web-based Digital Twin platform powering manufacturing operations. Sign up today & start optimizing your factory.

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Floor Management

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Space Management

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Asset Management

Boost Your Factory's Performance with 3D Visualization in Your Web Browser

MOICON™ utilizes technology forged in gaming to help organize your data from machines, components, sensors, devices, and workers into easy-to-read, instantly available breakdowns that the whole operation can reference:

  • Mission Control Dashboard™: high-level overviews of the factory for supervising operations while keeping the whole team aligned.
  • Shop Floor Overview Dashboard™: provides a bird’s eye view of production to understand whether or not your workflows are optimized.
  • OEE Dashboard™: provides real time readouts of each of the pillars of OEE (quality, availability, performance), for as many machines as you need.


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Everyone on the same page. For real.

Moicon utilizes Autodesk Forge technology to “rethink the jobsite” by granting the entire team of industrial workers and facility owners better overview and continuous insight into factory planning & operations.

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How to get started?

Upload your existing 3D model or build your factory directly using our parametric 3D configuration.

With other words - get started today with or without any 3D model. The result will be a virtual replica of your physical environment.

Moicon™ is the first Digital Twin platform for Industry 4.0 leveraging game-enige as the core. Empowering manufacturers of all sizes with high-end 3D visualizations – mirroring physical objects and processes throughout its lifecycle. The best part - it opens directly in your favorite web browser!

Plain and simple, visualization is focused on using visual information. Things like signs, labels, charts, and infographics are used to leverage the abundance of data in an efficient, yet effective way.

Save time. Learn quickly. Be lean.


Increased engagement

The stats say it all. If done right, gamification can boost employee productivity and engagement.


Fewer absences

Employee engagement involves workers show less stress and report fewer absences.


Higher productivity

Combining game mechanics with measurable interfaces increases awareness, performance and motivation.

The Challenge

Data is important. We can’t do without it in today’s world. Without data, we’d be guessing and hoping we made the correct decision. By gathering, analyzing and visualizing data, identifying trends becomes possible and manufacturing excellence can be achieved.

the Solution

MOICON™'s Digital Twin helps tackling this challenge – visualizing your complete, unified building or factory model – enabling you to coordinating efforts across different functions with a single digital model.

Compared to static experiences like 2D-floorplans, images and videos, the extended spatial presence that a 3D environment replicates brings numerous benefits; including
▶️ Enhanced problem solving
▶️ Better knowledge retention
▶️ Higher levels of engagement and understanding
▶️ And much more.

It runs in your web browser

See your 3D models on the go. Wherever you are, your digital twin is there with you.

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Your Data is Safe with us

At Moicon we value your privacy and the confidential nature of your information, taking the following precautions:

  • We can not access your account unless you explicitly allow us.
  • Your files are encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Files are kept in an encrypted disk. Separate from the main server.


Autodesk Forge

MOICON™ is an Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrators – trained by Autodesk experts to provide customers with reliable support resources. Moicon is a trusted partner which have a proven track record of helping businesses build web-based Digital Twin solutions.

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.