Interactive 3D Model

Engage and solve problems

Engage and solve by navigating inside a 3D model of your facilities in an intuitive, sleek and modern interface – directly in your internet browser.

Single Source of Truth

Moicon Digital twins make it possible for manufacturers to achieve a “single version” of the truth. When combined with “in-memory” computing-based features (see below) plus a lightweight, change-controlled model capability, manufacturers will be able to analyze and visualize data easily and rapidly. The Moicon Digital Twin can also be used to compare quality data across multiple products. This provides deeper insight into global quality issues and allows manufacturers to quickly visualize issues against the “single source truth” model.


Moicon Digital Twin can reduce your cost of planning and operation as well as mentoring employees while increasing the effectiveness of skills and knowledge transfer. Moicon brings aspects from games into the actual factory environment, taking advantage of the high levels of engagement games have to offer, implementing this into the factory workplace in the form of a Digital Twin.

Process Analysis

Model, visualize and simulate

An easy way to model, visualize and simulate manufacturing processes before implementation. Identify potential bottlenecks inside your factory 3D model to optimize performance. Moicon offers gamified simulation and process analysis, enabling you to create situations without incorrect decisions leading to possibly catastrophic consequences. Errors and mistakes are made in the simulation without real-life consequences, but with valuable experience gained – directly in your 3D model in your internet browser.

Layout Planning

Plan you layout in 3D

With this feature, the digital twin can actually exists before its physical counterpart does (before the factory exists), essentially starting out as a vision of what the factory should look like. The Process Analysis feature and the IoT feature make it possible to capture data from products deployed into the field (operation phase). This data can be applied to the digital twin for continuous factory improvement. Moicon provides you with an up-to-date overview of your factory floor plan in 3D. Use this to get a true feel for your facilities and see its potential nu rearranging you assets and apply Process Analysis.

Facility Management

Communicate in 3D

Interact with a 3D model to assign tasks and maintenance routines, leave comments, attach documents and track progression. Increase productivity and workflow. Perform preventive maintenance and address potential issues before they become problems.


Industrial Internet of Things

Display the state of your physical assets directly in your 3D model by extracting existing sensor data or equipping new sensors.

Operations enhancement

Operations enhancement is one of the best applications for Moicon Digital Twin. In Moicon you get a virtual representation of your factory using lightweight model visualization and optimization techniques. Next, you can use this to capture data from smart sensors embedded inside your factory, providing a clearer picture of real-world performance and operating conditions. Parallel to this, you can simulate that real-world environment for predictive maintenance. For example, let’s say your business manufactures wind turbines. Your company can capture data on rotor speed, wind speed, operating temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, and other metrics to understand and predict product performance. This allows your business to schedule maintenance before a crucial part breaks, thereby optimizing uptime and minimizing repair costs.

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