The Digital Twin for Manufacturing

Here at Moicon, our industrial team got a pulse on what’s happening in the industry as a whole and we're seeing first-hand how 3D is revolutionizing the field of manufacturing through intuitive design and workflows


A platform for innovation

According to Forrester’s survey results, the overwhelming majority of respondents (94%) feel that 3D is vital to reducing layout errors, while 92% feel that immersive technology is important to the design process


Powering the operational phase

For many companies, the benefits go beyond better layouts — 3D just makes fiscal sense. A key point for 81% of firms is the driving of productivity through 3D to improve their bottom line


Smooth, enjoyable user experience

In the manufacturing space, companies are using 3D to give the users a smooth, enjoyable user experience. Moicon breaks free from traditional interface workflows which enables users to dynamically impact projects as they quickly iterate and incorporate functionality into their building workplace.


Trailblazing technology for manufacturers

Trailblazing manufacturers use Moicon for their industrial workflows. With manufacturing complexity set to increase, it’s imperative that improvements and modernizations are carried out to deliver more frequent, reliable, and safe services, while causing minimal disruption for operators and end users.


One source of truth

With Moicon, you can store your assets as digital reference models in a centralized 3D model and access them for all your needs directly in your internet browsing, enabling rapid virtual prototyping of layouts, collaborative layout reviews, facility management, analytics and more,

Future-proof your investment

Open and extensible, Moicon frees you from black-box limits, and lets you customize your 3D scenes as you choose with manu of our manufacturing features. Based on robust code referencing to Autodesk's requirements, Moicon is a platform you can trust to take you into the future.




We want to raise the bar, beyond the digital facility management use case. We intend to use modern technology to enable users to understand the status of their factory from any perspective, and to delight them with an amazing interactive experience.

The Digital Twin

For Manufacturers. By Manufacturers.

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.