The Digital Twin for Building Management

Pushing the boundaries of possibility in building management. Moicon are working with architects and building managers to transform their buildings and businesses through visualization technology


Evaluating buildings virtually

By evaluating buildings in a virtual simulation environment, Buildings can dramatically improve the efficiency, cost, and time it takes to deliver a project. The opportunity is huge, so we’ve partnered with leading building managers to explore where things be heading — and how to use visualization technology to fuel creativity and drive efficiency within buildings.


Informed decisions earlier

Moicon works to bring high-quality, interactive visuals to life —letting clients experience what their buildings or facilities will or can look like with different layouts, examining different layers for electrical, plumbing, and other systems, before they even break ground


Moicon comes from game development backgrounds

Moicon's knowledge of game engines and different workflows for visualization has been exceptional for Moicon's approach towards building management, and has been eye-opening for our clients who are used to more traditional rendering methods


Wireless sensors for building management

NordicThingy is a cloud-based system of small wireless devices that proactively manage your critical building management. These sensors are trusted by some of the largest building management in the world to act as their complete monitoring solution and they're fully compatible with Moicon. Read more about our IoT solution here.


Share and collaborate

Let’s cut right to what makes this one of the best digital twin app on the market - easily collaborate with your team! Share your ideas without a hassle. Moicon got the features you’d want in a high-fidelity digital twin tool: multi-player editing, easy sharing, commenting, tasks manager, mobile preview, and the last but not least, the asset browser.



Efficiency in repairing broken equipment, changing the layout of the facility is imperative for good maintenance management as clients are increasingly demanding. It’s common for facility managers to be pressured into doing more with less in order to save the company money and deal with budget constraints.



Investing in a maintenance management system that centralises information, monitors daily work, makes communication faster and helps you keep track of repair times is something that more and more companies are doing now. Reap the benefits of smart management solutions with Moicon, thanks to Autodesk Forge, which, is hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It's easy to implement, low cost, and scalable.




Moicon is able to form partnerships with both small and large architectural firms to work on design visualizations at different stages of development. We were amazed by the resemblance of the digital twin, created by Moicon, compared to real life facility. Digital Twin helped us to redesign the layout of our warehouse, and track the IoT sensors data in real time.

The Digital Twin

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.