The Digital Twin for Ships & Docks

Next-generation 3D, web-based tool, that lets you attach files, important links, assign tasks, display sensor data and apply advanced analytics. Reduce your operational costs and risks. Everything stored in the cloud.


Get immediate notification when problem occurs

With sensor-driven data locked in industrial machines and equipment, the need for data analysis, management, and control methods has become more crucial. Moicon’s method visualizes collected data in the form of a Digital Twin. With such data we can react immediately on your asset malfunction.

The Challenge...

Companies across a variety of industries struggle to analyze end-to-end building and factory performance data alongside maintenance tasks and issue reporting, all of which are typically housed in multiple systems and formats.


After just one month, Moicon got us 12% of monthly cost reduction upon applying their digital twin technology in our business. We are now more efficient because of a bigger control over our facility.

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.