Heavy Machinery Industry

Improve your response to downtimes and boost production efficiency.


The Heavy Machinery Industry

This category includes construction equipment, power generation components (boiler pipes, membrane walls, etc. ), shipbuilding (open block panel lines, pipes, t-beams, etc. ), offshore (pressure vessels, fuel/water tank manufacture) and other large-scale manufacturing equipment.


Heavy Machinery Industry Challenges

Manufacturers encounter numerous obstacles. The first is the growing number of international environmental legislation. Product design and development are increasingly driven by sustainable construction practices, improved air quality, and lower emissions. Health and safety regulations are also changing, adding to the burdens faced by firms who are already dealing with a labor scarcity.


Why plan and operate your factory with Moicon?

Improve your ability to respond to downtimes.

A rise in production costs results from every slight breakdown or delay in heavy industrial manufacturing operations. With the help of Moicon© simulation, planners become more sensitive to such scenarios.

Adapt and compete more effectively.

After the introduction of industry 4.0, manufacturing processes have seen continuous technological advancements. Manufacturers must increase their process cycle times to remain competitive. Moicon© production simulation assists in identifying the most optimal process implementations by testing numerous scenarios in a risk-free environment.

Improved resource management and training.

Remote employees can benefit from Moicon©, leveraging your Digital Twin interface to promote communication while also assisting in the allocation of resources for various activities.

How is Moicon© used in the Heavy Machinery Industry?

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The Digital Twin

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.