Factory Lifecycle

No matter where you are in the life of your Factory, Moicon offers ways to improve and give you more control.


1. Factory Planning

New production technologies, as well as capacity expansions, are frequent triggers for factory redesign or extension. The predictive design of the shop floor is a key element that allows you to adapt to production requirements thus maximize the profitability of your business.


2. Process Planning

Process planning is a preparatory step before manufacturing, which determines the sequence of operations or processes needed to produce a part or an assembly. This step is more important in job shops, where one-of-a-kind products are made or the same product is made infrequently.


3. Operations & Maintenance

Evaluate production decisions based upon analytics, visualize products performing in their environments or being used by actual people in real-time, commission machines from remote service centers. Everything in the browser!


4. Renovation and Improvements

Dive into a structural 3D view of your factory. Leverage Moicon's tools for planning and renovation to start experimenting with your building interior or exterior walls to store various structural layout suggestions for your factory.


The Digital Twin

For Manufacturers. By Manufacturers.

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.