Moicon is a 3D factory simulation and operation tool for automation technologies. Designed to be easy to use, it allows to quickly build a and modify layouts of your factory using a selection of common industrial parts or your own parts. Feel free to check out our documentation for all the content.


Amazong Web Services

Moicon’ s software solutions are built on Autodesk Forge, which, is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. Moicon trust the scalability, security and dependability of AWS to ensure Moicon’s applications run smoothly.

Getting Started

This Getting-Started guide walks you through the basics of Moicon, including: working with the interface, creating/editing scenes and controlling them with external technologies. At the end of this guide you will be able to create a revisions of your factory and use it together with technologies like Process Analysis.

Opening a 3D model

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If you are new to Moicon we recommend you acquaint yourself with the basics by following the Getting-Started guide.

User Interface

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Tutorials & Samples

Content coming very soon … Kindly check out our Youtube channel in the meantime

System Requirements

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Release Notes

Moicon release notes provides information related to the features and improvements in each release. You’ll find notes related to fixes, changes and adds after opening one of the versions below.
Core: Fixed objects not always being properly cloned.
Core: Fixed texture flickering when window is resized.
Core: Fixed offset between graphics and physics objects when window is resized.
Core: Optimized far/near camera settings
Core: Optimized rendering effects
Core: Improved selection effects
Core: Optimized Configuration Manager
UI: Added updated theme design and iconos
Core: Optimized materials
Core: Optimized textures
Core: Added improvement related to compression
Core: Added improved rendering features
Core: Added support for optimized materials
Core: Optimized drawcalls
Core: Added improvements to Preselection feature
Core: Added support for Docker
Core: Added timeline for displaying IoT data
UI: Added timeline
Core: Added customizable background for login page
Core: Optimized SensorList
Core: Improvements made for MetaProperties
Core: Improvements made for AnimationManager
Core: Improvements made for rendering effects
UI: Optimized SensorList UI
Core: Optimized postprocessing
Core: Optimized streamlines
Core: Added and optimized SAO
Core: Added support for Bloom
Core: Added support for Outline
UI: Added UI improvements to the streamlines
Core: Added streamlines to the 3D Wayfinder feature
Core: Optimized streamlines
Core: Added Chinese language. Localization.
UI: Added new flags. Norwegian, English & Chinese.
Core: Optimized node hovering logic
Core: Postprocessing updates
UI: Improvements made for the login page UI
Core: Added additional IoT Dashboards for IoT sensors
Core: Optimized rendering
UI: Updated the ribbon icons
Core: Added new ViewCube
Core: Added Norwegian, English and Chinese language to the ViewCube
UI: Updated the design for the ViewCube
Core: Added new customizable IoT dashboards
Core: Added support for Microsoft Power BI
Core: Added support for AWS IoT Core
Core: Improvements made for the MetaProperties feature
Core: Added Design Automation for Autocad
Core: Added feature support for Design Automation for Autocad
Core: Added support for single side and double side materials
Core: Added Tooltips for ribbon header menu
Core: Added support for Babylon viewer
Core: Added Norwegian language. Localization.
Core: Added Clone feature to the Transform tool feture.
Core: Added Status Bar to display hover status and coordinates
Core: Added updated IoT features
Core: Fixed a bug related to IoT feature
Core: Added Animation Manager
Core: Added support for multi-select for the Transform feature
Core: Added Draco compression support
UI: Refactored CSS. Added new UI/UX.
Core: Added support for Light settings and Camera settings being saved to the Configuration Manager
Core: Added support for Cutout materials
Core: Added support for Potree Point Cloud viewer
Core: Improved restricted Selection
Core: Improvements made for 3D Wayfinder for selectable objects
Core: Improvements made for Transform feature
Core: Added Environment Mapping
Core: Improvements made for Orbit, Transform & Selection
Core: Improvements made for Light Settings
Core: Added Large Point Cloud support
Core: Added PDF Export for Process Analysis
Core: Refactored Configuration Manager for Process Analysis
Core: Fixed a bug related to Process Analysis BufferControls
Core: Added Configuration Manager for Process Analysis
Core: Added Reports for Process Analysis
Core: Fixed 3D Wayfinder selection issue

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