How Moicon Helped Bakery Holmen Crisp Saving Thousands of Euros Each Year

The use of digital twin together with IoT sensors contributed to capturing the temperature drops in the cold stores of Holmen Crisp bakery. It resulted in saving big portions of food products. Moicon managed to reduce operation issues and ensured optimal functioning of the bussiness.

How Moicon Helped Bakery Holmen Crisp Saving Thousands of Euros Each Year

Sensors are crucial to the operation of many of today’s businesses. They can warn you of potential problems before they become big problems, allowing businesses to perform predictive maintenance and avoid costly downtime. Sensors come in many shapes and sizes. Some are purpose-built containing many built-in individual sensors, allowing you to monitor and measure many sources of data. In Moicon we mostly use Nordic Thingy:91 because of its ease of use and wide range of applications.

At 7:34 Torbjorn Grimstad explains how Digital Twin was implemented into Holmen Crisp bakery.

Torbjorn Grimstad (Manager of Moicon) - We reproduced part of the facility in 3D to serve as a background for the data gathered by sensors. It is very illustrative as when the fridge stays open the sensor data is becoming visible right away on the screen by turning objects color from green to orange. Moicon application also triggers an alert whenever there's any deviations and informs the manager about the problem.

CEO of Holmen crisp as, Camilla Rostad

CEO of Holmen crisp as, Camilla Rostad

In our bakery in Toten, we produce traditional baked goods based on local ingredients. We wanted to avoid the problem of wasting a whole line of products because of the broken thermal chain. That’s why we decided to incorporate Moicon into our workflow. We are astonished how easy it is, and how much money it saves us each day.

Moicon’s web-based 3d model serves a multiple of possibilities, such as - ability to attach files, assign tasks and maintenance routines, mark the placement of ventilation, fire roads, electrical cabinets, ending with simply leaving a comment on the desired object.

Now one person can control data flow at multiple facilities from the same location. “This is a tremendous opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs. It will enable us to continue providing the excellent facilities service here in Norway.” - Stefan Funch (CEO of Dekkmann).

Some statistics from the client, after the implementation of Moicon’s digital twin:


Projected Savings


Est Saved Time


Operation Cost Reduction

“Month after the implementation we measured an impact of the digital twin by comparing hours spent by our employee on the maintanence of the facility, the before and after. It got lowered by 27% and saved the company nearly 11% of cost. An increase of saved time is now alocated towards more important tasks. We believe that only by investing in such new technologies we can push our business forward.” Stefan Funch (CEO of Dekkmann).

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.