Hapro using Moicon© Digital Twin for Factory Operation

How Moicon helped Hapro, a Electronics Manufacturer, secure a €20 Million production bid.

Hapro using Moicon© Digital Twin for Factory Operation

From the very beginning in 1973, Hapro's activities have included production and services within both the electronics and data industries. Today Hapro is one of the leading Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies in Europe.
For Hapro, when it comes to quality there is no compromise. By cultivating
the right attitude, they continuously work to strengthen an already well-established quality culture — so what's Hapro's main challenge, and how does Moicon© serve as an enabler?

For Hapro to maintain high quality products within variable batches with short delivery times, the are constantly forced to adapt their production and manufacturing style — which is why they implemented Moicon© Digital Twin.

How did Moicon bring business value to Hapro?

Using Moicon© DigitalTwin, Hapro:

  • monitor their entire production process to make targeted adjustments to increase efficiency.
  • optimizes their processes to increase productivity, producing products more quickly and with less downtime.
  • improves their asset management: one of the most significant benefits of a Digital Twin for electronics manufacturers has to do with asset management. Machine operators can use the Moicon© simulation tools to monitor systems and predict the best time for maintenance to prevent the need for more costly repairs.
  • test their products thoroughly before production begins while studying them throughout its life cycle, enabling Hapro to make improvements moving forward as well as staying ahead of their competitors.
Tor Asak Giæver | CEO Hapro Electronics

Tor Asak Giæver | CEO Hapro Electronics

Moicon was a determining factor for us in the process of securing a €20M investment for Hapro.

How did Hapro gain a competitive edge using Moicon?

Specifically, Hapro were able to win a big tender thanks for their Moicon Digital Twin. How did they do it?

  1. They used the Digital Twin internally in the organization to get a birds eye view of their production to plan and optimize their operations.
  2. They then showed this externally to the client behind the tender, and they managed to convince the client that they had what it took to start producing their products.

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.