Three Use Cases of Digital Twins in Facility Management
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03 Dec 20

Three Use Cases of Digital Twins in Facility Management

A digital twin can be a digital replica of an object in the physical world, such as a jet engine or wind farms, or even larger items such as buildings or even whole cities.

With theDigital Twins in facility management

With the advancement of technology and factors such as the pandemic of covid-19, virtual models have become a staple in modern engineering to drive innovation and improve performance.

Digital Twins can integrate the internet of things (Industry 4.0), artificial intelligence, and software analytics to enhance the output. In short, creating one can allow the enhancement of strategic technology trends, prevent costly failures in physical objects, and also, by using advanced analytical, monitoring, and predictive capabilities, test processes, and services. Digital twin technology is also used as a collaboration tool between teams to communicate changes in the projects, across the company.

1. Getting feedback

As well as physical assets, the digital twin technology can be used to replicate processes in order to collect data to predict how they will perform. It can be a real hassle to collaborate on one CAD file across the teams. Nowadays digital twin technology lets engineers upload their models to the cloud and share the file with the client. Thanks to that solution the client can easily leave their feedback since the file is accessible from the browser - no additional software is necessary to be installed. This way digital twin app allows multiple users to share and collaborate on the same file and see live changes in a breeze.

2. Layout planning

A digital twin is, in essence, a computer-aided design program that uses real-world data to create simulations that for example can be easily used for layout planning. Ranging from small to big companies, they all struggle with the same problem - redesigning the layout. This process can be very costly logistically. By performing a simulation, companies can make better decisions with fewer spending.

Move objects to rearrange the layout, then save them as possible scenarios.

Move objects to rearrange the layout, then save them as possible scenarios.

3. One source of truth for the documentation

Thanks to the use of cloud solutions your facility documentation, such as floor plans, electrical plans, piping diagrams, landscape designs and many more can be easily accessed keeping security at the highest levels thanks to Amazon's Web Services. This allows to store and share files and folders from any mobile device, whether it's a phone or computer. Attach files such as PDFs, CAD files, images, and more to any 3d object - to a whole room or a specific point on the pipe or wall. This way you can easily share it with others and see where they apply thanks to the 3D representation.

Damian Zaleski

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The digital twins can predict failures before they affect or damage the products. They empower the manufacturers with instant troubleshooting by adjusting the parameters along the production line in the twin.