How to Optimize With Process Analysis for Manufacturing?
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25 Mar 21

How to Optimize With Process Analysis for Manufacturing?

We explain a process analysis framework for manufacturing process analysis. Importance of business analytic tools and methodology to reduce your risk.

What is process analysis?

The activity of analyzing and interpreting manufacturing processes is known as process analysis. Provides a high-level summary of the process's components, including:

  • inputs,
  • outputs,
  • guidelines,
  • controls,
  • staff,
  • software,
  • data,
  • technologies

The measurement of time, costs, performance, and consistency of processes, as well as the ability to use static or dynamic visual process models, data collection from beginning to end, value chain analysis, and end-to-end modeling, are all part of the analysis.

Importance of process analysis

It becomes more difficult to accurately control employee and machine performance and track customers as an organization becomes larger. You can not only monitor but also assess how your processes impact your company by evaluating them.

Process analysis framework

In this section, we explain a process analysis framework for manufacturing process analysis. We are here to move forward and overcome your obstacles.

These few steps will help you measure your production line efficiency:

Select an asset and assign the right type of process

Change parameters right for your production line:

By using the framework you may also get familiar with the rest of the parameters, edit them as needed:

  • Source
    • Quantity
    • Output rate
    • Routing type

  • Processor
    • MTBF - mean time between failures
    • MTTR - mean time to repair
    • Setup Time
    • Processing Time
    • Minimum Quantity
    • Routing type

  • Buffer
    • Capacity
    • Capacity thresholds
    • Routing type

  • Product
    • Target quantity

  • Link connector
    • Load Time
    • Transport Time
    • Unload Time
    • Capacity

Link-type of processes with each other

Setup core of your production line and run a Simulation

Speed up the process

Measure efficiency of your Simulation

Export Process Analysis to *.json file

Plan fixes, iterate changes with Process Analysis, and implement them into reality! ♻️

How to process data for analysis

Utilize Process Analysis functionalities to find and understand how to solve obstacles, in reality

Processor - Find the processor that is blocking/down the production process

Connectors - Avoid blocked and Idle transmissions

Buffers - Optimize capacity thresholds

Drive yourself to success

Radosław Wachol

by Radosław Wachol

Tech Operations Lead


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