Do more with Digital Twins
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11 Mar 21

Do more with Digital Twins

A digital twin is often defined as a digital or virtual copy of a physical thing that exists in the real world.

But that definition is still not quite enough. You get a digital copy just by scanning an image or making a 3D model of an object. It does not make the data file a "digital twin" in this sense.

But what if you mount sensors on the physical object, connect facilities management information with the 3D model? Then we're closing in!

Let's look at another example: We make a digital model of a factory with all the rooms, doors and windows. All data about the building is inside this model, and is easily accessible to those who need it. To keep the digital twin alive - and make it "smart" - we depend on mounting sensors on the building. The sensors, for example, pick up fluctuations in temperature and air quality in each room. It also counts how many people that stays there and notifies the staff when something happens to industrial equipment. This form of communication is what makes up a digital twin.

Damian Zaleski

by Damian Zaleski



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