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Moicon creates digital twins of factories by connecting 3d-models, facility management and IoT-data together in dynamic 3d-representations in a visual, intuitive and automated manner. 

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Asset Management
Understanding what assets they have, where those assets are located and what conditions those assets are in, provides the basis of Moicon’s Asset Management solution.
Moicon provides a Digital Twin solutions to maintain this information. The Digital Twin is a virtual 3D representation of a site within the organization. Moicon’s Assets Management< can be addressed in 3 steps:

Understand exactly what assets the organization has under its ownership. Data is gathered from the organizations existing systems, including pre-existing digital systems and paper-based records and files. It’s then important to cleanse and sort this data, making sure duplicates, outdated and incorrect records are removed from the new asset data set.
Once this process is complete it’s time to verify the records. This can include a desktop study with the relevant assets management and maintenance teams. Or site visits to physically verify the assets. Or a combination of both.
We now have cleansed asset baseline to take forward into stage two.

This stage involves associating the data from step 1 with locational reference data that the organization may have in their systems. Verification of this data may be require using survey teams, drone surveys or Lidar scanning for larger areas.

The final step in preparing an organizations asset data ready for creating the digital twin, is to understanding what condition the assets are in. This is key to making sure assets are performing as expected, and delivering the organizations desired output at a cost that is acceptable.
Assets condition inspection can be carried out in many ways, depending on the level of data needed by the organization to support its corporate objectives. One powerful type of condition assessment is an on-site inspection using measurement equipment (IoT sensor technology).

Linking the digital twin model to the asset management system means that the model is kept up to date to reflect the condition of the asset life-cycle. This gives the user a visual representation of the assets in the context of its 3d environment all in one place.

The reason for this kind of approach is to ultimately enable asset-intensive organizations the reduce their capital investments and benefits or increased operational spending. Moicon’s system allows organizations to deep dive into their assets performance. Failure rates and causes can be examined to help reduce future failures and ensure operational costs are reduced.
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