Digital Twin

Moicon offers 3D representations (digital twins) of your buildings to organizes valuable facility data combined with sensor data to achieve a predictive and intuitive solution for automation and IoT to reduce costs, labor time and unplanned downtime.

Automation is key!

What we do

Moicon’s Digital Twin enables intelligent facility operations that automatically recognize indicators of failures or defects, opening the door to predictive and smart maintenance.

Combine sensor data with Moicon and you have the recipe for a predictive facility management system that greatly reduces costs, labor time and unplanned downtime.

Moicon’s Digital Twin shows all important aspects of the everyday work through objects with associated data. The objects beep, blink, animate, change color or display in other relevant way in order to attract attention when needed. Users can easily open their favorite browser on any device to debug and monitor the condition of equipment in the building. The result is a real-time and interactive building that grants the user full overview over every process and information from the ever-changing facilities.

Automation and

Moicon tying the line of facility management, sensor visualization and smart manufacturing to optimize overall building performance, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by using simulations.

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